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My daughter and son in law purchased their first home back in October 2007, and of course just like being new parent being a homeowner comes with all kinds of surprises.

 A couple of months ago my son in law noticed several bees swarming in front of the house so he sprayed and low and behold the bees were still there. My husband volunteered to go over and spray again at night since the bees would all be in one place so he thought and we would be the hero.

 We went over at dusk and my husband did his stuff while I played with my grandson (7 months old) in his play area.  We watched him outside as he became consumed with fumes, but the bees were dropping, which we found to be very humorous.

What was not humorous was that the area the bees were located, was right outside my little manís play area. When my husband came inside he could still hear the bees in the wall, which left us very concerned about the safety of the baby, and that a bee/ bees could somehow get through an outlet which sounded bazaar at the time but you have a tendency to think of these things especially when a baby is involved.

 The following morning we had the pest control company out and they concurred that it was a serious problem, but one that they were not equipped to handle and in turn referred us to Animals Beware.

 By the grace of all Animals Beware was able to come out the following afternoon, which was a Saturday the 15th of March, 2008, and after he evaluated the situation it was indeed far more serious than any of us had imagined.  He began to dust the hive and then on the inside he had to cut into the effected area, all while we watched in awe that all this for a couple of bees. Well to our dismay when the wall was opened there were eight (8) layers of combs and thousands of bees.  We ask Animals Beware how long they had been there, his response was even harder to believe that it could only take a few months for the worker bees to build these combs.

If my son in law or daughter would have been there instead of us, we would have never believed this story.  This is one you had to see to believe.

 We cannot express our appreciation for what Animals Beware did, his quick response and knowledge of a job you couldnít pay me enough to do, which, kept my family out of harms way with minimal damage. I cringe to think of what could have happened had we not taken Animals Beware seriously, and just had them do a basic treatment.

 His knowledge and experience was over and above, and why anyone would choose this line of work again is beyond me but we are grateful he did.



Debbie and Jim Mervar
Ocoee, Florida

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