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May 1, 2010

To: Animals Beware, Inc.

A few weeks ago, I began to notice a slight scratching noise coming from above the ceiling in my bedroom. I consulted my contractor and he suggested I call someone in to check the attic in my house for squirrels. I did some research on the internet and made a few phone calls to pest/wildlife companies. Many of the companies did not return my call and those who did I found to be quite expensive.

Eventually, I was fortunate enough to reach  Animals Beware. He explained to me in great detail what the process would be to remove the animal(s) from my attic, how long it would take and cost of the services available. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions. He was able to come out to my home the next day and provided a two-hour window of arrival time, called when he was on his way and arrive promptly.

Animals Beware and his co-worker were very professional and courteous and checked the entire perimeter of the house and the attic from end to end. He explained what he was searching for, answered my questions and discussed a few preventative options to move forward. It turned out that I did not have any animal in my attic, but the culprit was a squirrel who had been chewing shingles on my roof! I found Animals Beware to be very thorough, honest and completely above board as let me know there was no damage to my house or my attic. I was extremely impressed with his expertise and care while working in my home.

Animals Beware, Inc. provided me with unparalleled customer service and satisfaction.
Animals Beware gave me peace of mind that my house was secure and if I ever had an issue in the future with rodents he would be happy to come out and handle the problem. It is evident that Animals Beware enjoys his work and cares about his customers. It was a pleasure to do business with Animals Beware, Inc. and I would highly recommend to anyone that if you are having an issue with rodents or pests that Animals Beware, Inc. is the place to call! Thank you, Animals Beware!

Denise White
Orlando, FL



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