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December 16, 2016

To anyone considering using Animalsbeware for their animal invasion services, I would just say that you don't have to look any further. Faced with a disturbing problem of some kind of animal in my attic, I called and spoke with Jason, and he came out the next day to my home, diagnosed the problem and laid out a plan to correct it. Jason closed off all of the entry points on my roof and eves, and left traps for any animals now trapped in my attic. On a holiday weekend we called Jason thinking the trap had gone off and he came right out and emptied our traps. Throughout this process Jason was courteous, prompt, and caring in the treatment of my home. Thanks Jason for a job well done!

Vincent J. Gaglio
Clermont FL



March 28, 2016

Animals Beware did a very thorough search and found all the places the rats had been able to access the attic and under the house. He then spent as much time as I needed to explain the process he would use to remove the rats and how he would repair and seal the house. He gave me a lot of good information about rats and their behavior and suggested changes I needed to make. Very patient.

He used bait boxes outside that moved most of the rats away from the house and poisoned them and set a trap in the attic to speed things along. After enough time had gone by he sealed the house. He used concrete to repair and seal holes and exterior structure gaps. He also replaced missing vent grates, capped ventilation piping, and sealed off the chimney (no longer have the fireplace). I'm sure I've left some things out... Once the house was sealed he set several traps to catch any stragglers. During all this time he came to check the traps and bait boxes every few days, and will continue to until the rats are all gone.

Jason and his assistant also went above and beyond their job in a big way. They cleared a lot of tree limbs, brush, and vines and cut back several trees so I wouldn't have to;  straightened up the carport, and even fixed a cart tire that I had been unable to. They just saw needs and fixed them for me while doing their work. Wonderful.

I recommend Animals Beware to everyone.

Alison Ramroth
Leesburg, FL 34748



Nov. 22, 2015

We hired Jason to catch an armadillo on our property. He arrived here on time and communicated with us every day. He did trap it and left the trap for several days. I would highly recommend him.

Sylvia Fine


March 13, 2015

Animals Beware repaired roof vents and soffits damaged by squirrels, closed up all entries into our house's crawl space and set traps to remove any squirrels residing in our home. We found Jason knowledgeable and professional.  He did a thorough check of our house outside, inside and on the roof.  He was able to identify the problem areas and discuss them with us quickly.  Once we initiated the project, he took care of our problems as soon as possible.  We have not had any more squirrel intrusions since then.



April 01, 2015

I had squirrels getting into areas where soffits met the roof. Jason repaired 16 damaged soffits and sealed them off. Also capped 9 stacks to prevent any entry. He did a great job and he gave me lots of information about my roof. He also always showed me pictures of the areas he was repairing and he made sure I was understanding what was being done. He always took the time to answer any questions I may have had. I had a quote from another company that was cheaper but I just didn't get a good feeling from talking to the guy. I then contacted Animals Beware for a quote. After talking to Jason I knew I had found the company I wanted to take care of my squirrel problem. He is so knowledgeable and he made me feel like he cared about doing a great job. Now that the job is complete I am so pleased I made the decision to go with Animals Beware Inc

 Diane Miller
Orlando, FL


April 06, 2015

I contracted Animals Beware over a weekend to arrange an Animals Beware inspection for evidence of rodents and rodent entry points. Animals Beware emailed me Monday for address information and an appointment was set for 8am Wednesday. He called me Tuesday evening to confirm and to get some details of the problem. Jason Levinson the Principal of this family operated business arrived a few minutes before 8am..

I explained to Jason that we had heard scratching at a kitchen wall several nights in a row. He commenced to check the roof for evidence of possible critter entrance ways and examined the attic for evidence of critter existence. They quickly performed this task and reported back to me that there was rat dropping in the attic and seven possible entry points including the outside dryer vent location.

Jason than provided me with an estimate of costs that included the sealing of the entry points, setting traps and dryer vent cleaning. In addition he offered me the opportunity to purchase an outdoor wire cage for the dryer vent that he would install for $75 or $100.I don't recall the exact figure. I thought that this was a bit pricey so I initially turned this option down and signed a briefly worded agreement to do all the other work.

Let me digress for a moment with several observations of the contractor. To begin with itís generally good to deal with the Principal of a business and as best I can tell Jason is just that. From the very first contact he struck me as very knowledgeable about animal and rodent control and very confident about his ability to deal with such issues. He and worked diligently as I observed him. Jason really seemed to know what he was doing and completed the roof closures and trap setting in good time.

The dryer vent cleaning turned into more then we had bargained for. It was not installed properly and fell apart when Jason started to clean. I had some new vent parts and Jason improvised to get them to fit properly. Jason is a very handy guy and it was interesting to watch him improvise. While he was in the utility room fitting the inside vent parts he noticed a possible fire hazard in the way the electrical connection came out of the back of the dryer. He again improvised and came up with a solution. Since he put in this extra effort plus eliminating a fire hazard, I told him to go ahead and provide and install the outside wire enclosure for the dryer vent.

Two days later I checked the attic and there were two dead rats on one of the traps. That was Friday. He picked up the dead rats on Monday and left the other trap just in case.. We have not heard any scratching since so our problem may be resolved

Let me conclude by saying that Jason is very resourceful and competent and I would hire him in the future without hesitation for any problem with unwanted critters that I could not handle myself. I would also be more business like with less small talk on my part. I also have no compunction recommending him to anyone with similar problems.


October 01, 2014

Identified and trapped rodents in the attic and secured the home against future infestation

He made multiple visits to set and retrieve traps in the attic. He noticed some roof damage, not related, that was important to get repaired by a different contractor. Very thorough work and we definitely recommend this company!

 John Cameron
Clermont, FL 34711


June 01, 2015

Checked home for squirrel invasion--took photos of all of the damage.  Gave me an estimate for the work, which I agreed to.  Did some of the work that afternoon, then returned to finish sealing out the squirrels on June 1, 2015.

Technician was very knowledgeable about the damage that squirrels (vs. rats) can do.  He checked all possible entries and showed me photos of the ones that he was able to find.  We agreed to a price (with a nice Angie's List discount), and he started working on the job that afternoon.  He came back on Monday, June 1st to finish sealing the areas.  
The technician was well informed, professional and polite.  I would absolutely use their service again, if need be, and would recommend them to others.

Sharon Zink
Clermont, FL 34711

June 26, 2015

A+++ A+++ A+++ A+++

Can't say enough about how great Jason and Bailey were. I had heard scratching for about a week but assumed it was squirrels outside on the roof. When the scratching was louder I realized something was inside! Had no idea who to call and joined Angie's List and have not been disappointed!  Jason returns calls promptly, is extremely punctual and accommodating. He came on Wednesday, the day after I called and did a detailed analysis and identified entry points and was very knowledgeable. He and his associate worked efficiently and repaired all the entry points and placed traps in both attic areas. Thursday night I came home to the smell and Jason was quick to offer to come over before I had to leave for work Friday morning so I would not have to take off any more time from my job. He quickly and efficiently bagged the rats and replaced the traps and told us to keep him posted. At all times he was considerate, helpful and reassuring and made a very unpleasant experience more bearable. I would highly recommend to anyone with any kind of critters to give Jason a call!

Tracey Dougherty
Leesburg, FL 34748


December 2, 2014

On the first visited Jason inspected the roof, attic and perimeter to determine animal type access points and construction gaps. After determining the possible access areas and type of animal he set traps by the gaps. Also upon inspecting the roof Jason informed us that none of our vents on the roof had screens on them. Although no flying squirrels were caught in the traps the scratching noises stopped probably due the weather warming up so at this point Jason and I agreed to seal up the access points and put screens on all our vents. So far all is good and Jason has followed up with us several times.

Jason is very responsive, courteous, professional and quite knowledgeable in his profession. We definitely would use him again and recommend him to our friends and neighbors.

Barbara Lewis
Groveland, FL 34736

October 1, 2014

Animals Beware captured a mother and four baby raccoons in our attic. They sealed the entry points up on our roof where the raccoons were getting into our attic.

We were extremely satisfied with the services. Jason immediately came to our home and started working to remove the raccoons. He then completed the repairs and sealing of entry points, which took quite sometime. He explained everything to us during the process and always informed us of the status.

Thank you,
Susan Smeltzer
Sorrento, FL

September 15, 2014

Excellent service-Mission Accomplished! Very professional, knowledgeable, personable, and ensured the animals were trapped and removed and relocated per our wishes. Very fast and got the job done. Even though the service was a little pricey, he got the job done in fine fashion, and I would highly recommend this company for this type of service to anyone in the future!

Jim Adams
Windermere, FL 34786

December 16, 2014

I called Animals Beware when I realized our house had been invaded by squirrels. Jason came out the same day evaluated our problem provided solutions and a cost estimate. Jason then proceeded to do the work that was needed. He made repairs to damaged areas and set traps to capture squirrels. The next day he returned to retrieve captured squirrels for relocation and reset trap. Before the end of the afternoon two more squirrels were captured and he returned that evening and they were relocated as well. He returned after it was clear that all squirrel activity had ceased removed the trap and repaired the last entry point. Jason was very professional and courteous. He made what had become a stressful situation less stressful. I would recommend this service to anyone with wildlife problems.

YALAHA, FL 34797

December, 2014

Jason went and checked the house. He identified entry areas of the squirrels. He set traps and a cage on one of them. He then sealed all the holes, and went later to make sure all squirrels were trapped. Jason did a phenomenal job. This was the first time I use a provider from Angie's list. I chose him based on other customersí reviews. Every one said he was competent, reliable and honest, and that's exactly what I was looking for. I would add to that he follows up on the job that has been done and he is extremely helpful. Jason truly was a gift from God to me. I live in Virginia and rent my Florida house. So it was difficult for me to find a reliable provider whom I could trust to do the work well, since I don't live there. After reading many reviews for other providers who were also rated A, I went with my sixth sense and called Jason. From the first phone call, I was able to trust him and felt very comfortable to give him the job. I liked his promptness. I called him on a Friday evening, and he was at my house Saturday noon checking the house. He called me right after and explained to me what the problem was, and sent me pictures for all the holes which the squirrels used as entry areas. After signing the contract the following day, he immediately set up all the traps, and went out of his way and trimmed a tree that had reached the roof of the house. He explained to me that the squirrels could have been using it to get to the attic. Upon completion of the work, he took pictures and emailed them to me to see the work. Jason is such a helpful and trust worthy person that when I asked his help to recommend someone to fix a leak in the bathroom of the house, he was very honest and told me he did not personally know someone, but he explained to me that I needed to first find where the leak is coming from, and offered to take a look while he was sealing the holes in the roof. he also sent me contact info of a plumbing contracting company that he saw doing some work at a neighboring house. I would give Jason an A+ with honors. If I ever need help with animals, I will not hesitate for a moment to call Jason, and I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family. Thank you Jason for saving the day!

Nora Sibai
Orlando, FL 32819


November 28, 2014

After a neighbor patched a hole that a squirrel was using to enter my attic, I saw the squirrel chewing a new one the next day! After a day, it was back into my second floor attic and I had an even larger hole in the eaves! After purchasing a deal from Animals Beware, Inc., Jason contacted me promptly and arranged to come look at my attic and the hole that squirrels (only one, I thought) were getting in. He set a trap to catch any squirrels coming in or out of the attic. He did have to do some pesticide work for an additional charge so the ants that I have a problem with would not eat the bait. The charge was quite reasonable. In less than a day, two squirrels were trapped (one coming in and the other going out) and Jason picked them up leaving the trap for another day. The next day, he came back to retrieve the empty trap and patched the hole free of charge. He was extremely helpful and effectively trapped and relocated the squirrels. I'm so pleased that I've had no squirrel problems since then! Because his card says they also remove wasps (and bees) and I was so pleased with his knowledge and quality of work, I will probably be calling him sometime to locate and rid my home of wasps.

Victoria Pace
Oviedo, FL 32765



November 6, 2014

Animals Beware, came to our home and assessed the situation, providing us with pictures and a video of the squirrels entering and leaving our home.  Animals Beware checked the entire roof area for entry points and identified four.  After providing a detailed estimate, Animals Beware returned a few days later to seal off three of the openings and attach a humane trap to one.  Animals Beware even trimmed a few trees to keep them from helping the squirrels get access to our roof.  We were instructed to contact Animals Beware if we saw a squirrel in the trap, which we did.  Animals Beware also checked the trap a few times.  After a week and three traps in the cage, all squirrels were gone from our attic!  Animals Beware was thorough, professional, and explained everything very clearly.  He even found a few issues with our roof and recommended we have it checked out; Animals Beware even provided us with pictures of the problem areas.  We are very happy with the service we received and would highly recommend Animals Beware for anyone having pest issues.  

 Roberta Durham
1123 Algare Loop
Windermere, FL 34786


Oct. 30, 2013

Just wanted to express my sincere satisfaction with the way Animals Beware, Inc. handled our situation. The point person, Jason, was very thorough and informative. Since I was at work and was unable to be at home during the initial assessment, he sent me pictures via e-mail of the problem so that I was able to visualize the issues at hand.

He was thorough and most important of all explained the process in detail so that we knew what was happening at all times. He was able to answer all of my questions and what he said would happened, did happen.

I also want to add that I contacted a competitor and they weren't as thorough even though the estimates were about the same. I would highly recommend Animals Beware Inc. without any hesitation.

Dr. Eduardo Diaz
Geriatric Physician Orlando, Florida




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