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I was referred to Animals Beware by my current Pest Control Company.  We were having problems with rats and mice.  My husband and I were not sure what to do, and that was when I phoned my Pest Service and they put us in contact with Animals Beware.  I want to start of by saying how prompt and professional he was when we first met him.  The thing that impressed me the most was how understanding he was of our need to protect our family from these animals coming into my home.  Animals Beware was very friendly and knowledgeable and got rid of our problem quickly.  Several months later we sold that home, and recently purchased a lovely house that we have only been in for 8 weeks.  I heard some noises about four weeks ago in my attic.  At first I didn’t think anything of it, until one Monday night my husband and I were watching TV and heard a loud scratching in the wall behind us.  I didn’t even give myself time to think…jumped up and called Animals Beware right away.  He answered his phone (which he always does) and said that he would come over immediately…keep in mind that this was at 10:00pm in the evening.  I asked Animals Beware “would the animal that is in my wall be able to get out” he told me no, so I told him to that he didn’t have to rush right over.  Animals Beware arrived first thing in the morning to take care of the problem.  He was very cautious of my kids and handled the situation with great care to my family.  Animals Beware went up on the roof to check and see where the animal had come in from.  When Animals Beware came back down, he told me that I had a lot more problems going on then just one rat in the wall.  What I thought was one rat turned out to be an infestation of rats, squirrels and raccoons. My attic was loaded with animal urine and fecal matter. Animals Beware immediately put me in contact with a Restoration company that deals with Biohazard material. He even told me to call them while he was at my home so that he could explain the situation to them.

Once I had a chance to swallow all of this, Animals Beware told me what had to be done to repair my home and get rid of the pests for good. He was at my house the next day doing the repairs.  I was so impressed with his work and he truly is caring about the customer.   He is fair and honest and that isn’t easy to find these days.  When the Restoration Company came to my house to check out the damage, Animals Beware told me that he wanted to be at my house for that meeting so he could let them know what his findings were and he made time to be there. When Animals Beware told me that he would be at my house at a certain time he showed up at that time.  I had a very extreme situation at my home and not only did he take care of things, he also put me in touch with all the right people to fix other problems that I had.  He had business cards on hand and gave me one card for each of the people that he knew did good work.  I must say that everyone that he referred me to was awesome and fixed everything in a timely manner.  The company that came to my home to do the Restoration of my attic said “Animals Beware is the best trapper out there; he knows what he is doing and has been doing it for a long time.  We always refer people to Animals Beware.”  I would recommend Animals Beware to anyone.  He is very trust worthy and honest and most important of all he is so knowledgeable.  In the end, I am back in my house and all is well.  I am not glad that I had to go through all of this, but having Animals Beware on my side made the entire process much easier to swallow. If you are currently experiencing difficulty with any rodents or other pests, I suggest you give them a call if you want the job done right.


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