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       Animals Beware
       March 6, 2008

To Whom it May Concern,

I waited a few short months to write a testimonial letter after Animals Beware completed his work at my house. I simply wanted to be sure the squirrels I called him to remove from my attic were indeed gone.

I was referred to Animals Beware by a local pest control service after I'd evaluated a number of other services, most of them lackluster, in solving my problem. Animals Beware showed up for our initial appointment exactly on time. Moreover, he presented himself in a professional manner wearing a clean, pressed uniform. Two hours later, after his exhaustive inspection, he was dirty and sweaty but nevertheless enthusiastic and professional in his attitude. He'd assessed my situation and proposed a solution that would not only remove the squirrels from my attic, but improve the look of my home by adding new, attractive and necessary soffits as well as plugging other potential entryways for rodents. I had an estimate in my email within hours.

Animals Beware did all the installation work himself over the next few days. Not only did he do the work comprehensively, but I and my neighbors, did not have to endure a radio blasting country music, talk radio or some rock station, which is such a prevalent occurrence with work crews. He did the work quietly and thoroughly cleaned up after himself when he finished for the day. He also offered a great deal of information and advice and went out of this way to provide extras, such as plugging holes around an air-conditioner hose and making sure an exterior doorway would not allow rodents entry in cold weather. He even cleaned the lint out of our dryer vent.

He was responsive to my needs and questions and cooperative in his attitude and took time to explain and advise in the matters of his expertise. He can, and I mean this as a compliment, think like a rodent, meaning he knows their habits and inclinations. My bottom line with Animals Beware was wanting my house "critter-free and critter-impervious." He, to the best of my knowledge has accomplished that. And I know that if any unlikely discrepancy in his work was to manifest, he'd come straightaway to make it right. But as I mentioned, I sincerely believe he did the job right the first time. 

Animals Beware was not inexpensive, but truly good work seldom is. He also made monthly follow-up calls to be sure I was happy with the work and that things were as he'd promised.

I recommend Animals Beware highly. And any potential customer is welcome to call me for a candid conversation about his abilities. Before I hired Animals Beware, I called people offering testimonials on this site and I'm glad I did.


Jim Carlton
Hilltop Drive
Mount Dora




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